In April 2009 SERVICOM handed over one of its projects known as OSCAR (One Stop Claims Shop for Victims of Motor Accidents).

The One Stop Shop includes the Police, Ministry of health, Nigerian Insurance Company and LAC while our stakeholders are the FRSC, the VIO (under the Ministry of Housing and Transport) the National Union of Road transport Workers (NURTW) and Ministry of Information and communication. This Ministry will obviously help us disseminate information to the Public about valid documents that victims will need in order to avail themselves of our Services to represent them, such as valid driving licences, valid motor vehicles insurance certificates.

LAC under the OSCAR department helps to facilitate compensation payments to motor accidents victims especially those who are vulnerable and indigent and therefore cannot afford to pay for such services and thereby reduce the continued denial of their compensation rights from insurance companies while stakeholders must willingly substantiate documents necessary to process insurance claims such as Police Report, Health Certificate or Death Certificate and Legal Services.